Big Box Warehouse Stores Face Mounting Security Issues

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Big box warehouse stores are having to adopt to the ever-changing security issues as a result of COVID-19. Although the hysteria over hard-to-find goods seems to have passed (at least for now), security guards at warehouse stores must make sure that all safety and health guidelines are being properly enforced. Retail Grocery Store Security. Costco [...]

Hospitals And Health Clinics Beef Up Security Measures

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Hospitals have been battling the COVID-19 crisis for over a month. Part of the challenge is to ensure that all those who enter hospital property are not exposed to the virus, and those exhibiting symptoms are promptly quarantined. Hospital security guards are often the first to come in contact with the sick and their families. [...]

Apartment Complex Security Guards Can Prevent Car Break-Ins

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Car break-ins are on the rise. In 2017, there were 243,000 thefts from cars in California. In San Francisco, there are about 70 auto burglaries a day. One of the prime locations for car burglars is apartment garages and parking lots. Apartment residents as well as property managers can take steps to reduce car break-ins [...]

Back To Work: Commercial Office Building Security in 2020

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  Back To Work: Commercial Office Building Security in 2020 With the holidays almost over, it's a good opportunity for building managers and owners to review security procedures as we begin a New Year. Crime Prevention Assessment. According to the USDA, the first step in preventing criminal behavior in the workplace is to conduct a [...]

Home Security in California and Arizona—Survey Shows Bedrooms Are Burglars’ First Stop

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    Home Security in California and Arizona—Survey Shows Bedrooms Are Burglars' First Stop In the quest to try to outsmart burglars and to keep them from stealing our valuables, a 2016 NBC poll asked convicted burglars where they go first after breaking into a home. Seventy-five percent wrote that they go straight to the [...]

Montebello Residents Security

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Montebello Residents Understand Security Montebello is a thriving Latin-American community in the greater L.A. area with less than average incidents of homicide and gang violence relative to the poverty levels and general income of the area. Why? Simple, the residents of Montebello understand the need for security and the powerful deterrent that [...]

Long Beach security guards

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Long Beach’s 42-year Violent Crime Low Congratulations Long Beach! Your focus on economic improvement, community engagement, and the regular usage of private security has driven crimes in your area to an all-time low! APS has worked in the Long Beach area for the past five years, and is proud to be a [...]

Woodland Hills Security Guards

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Our Veterans are Finding Work as Woodland Hills Security Guards Where All the Veterans Live In Woodland Hills, a full ten percent of the residents are veterans of various wars. These heroes have found a pleasant life for themselves in one L.A. least densely populated, most well educated communities. It is a pleasant [...]

La Habra Security Guards

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Police Violence in La Habra Means People Are Turning to Private Security Among the twenty Orange County police departments, La Habra’s ranks third in police involved shootings. As scrutiny towards law enforcement spikes up across the nation, thanks in no small part to the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, and La [...]