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If you are looking for an armed security company, you will want to ensure that the company you select will assign licensed and experienced armed security professionals who are committed to providing you with the fullest sense of safety and confidence.

Generally, armed security companies are hired to protect items of significant value or sensitivity, such as financial assets, critical documents, personal valuables, or important individuals. Armed security guards are typically not compelled to use lethal force.

However, all reputable armed security companies require their guards to complete extensive training in weapons proficiency and self-defense to ensure clients’ protection. The best security program is anchored by a team of weapons-trained security guards who are equipped to monitor and patrol your location while utilizing the best methods and resources.
Armed security companies can assist you within the following areas:

High-level Threats Are Addressed by Armed Security Companies

In situations following a threat made against an individual or venue, armed security companies can provide bodyguards who will utilize weapons and surveillance services. Often, the presence of armed guards alone can serve as a visual deterrent to reduce the chances of the threat being carried out.
Terrorism threats, locations that may be a target for professional criminals, and events that may have some inherently violent element attached can call benefit from the presence of armed security guards. Access Patrol Service in particular wants to bring its top-of-the-line security professionals to your event.
Our high-level guards are so effective at deterring crime that they rarely, if ever, have to draw their guns. However, this does not means that they are incapable of using deadly force should the situation call for it. The truth is that many of our armed security professionals have law enforcement or military experience. If you were to trust anyone to use deadly force only in a necessary and effective way, it would be our guards.

Executive Protection Is a Service Armed Security Companies Provide

If you serve in a high-profile position, you may face a greater risk of attack, theft, or other unpleasant disturbance. Business leaders, politicians, and celebrities may encounter a variety of potentially threatening situations, ranging from harassment to abduction. If we can secure some of the most controversial celebrities in the modern pop-culture landscape, we are surely capable of protecting congressional leaders, business magnates, inflammatory artistic personalities, ex-criminals looking to go straight, religious leaders from a variety of faiths, and, of course, other celebrities.

Prominent Events Are Served by Armed Security Companies

Events that are especially large or important can attract criminal attention. As a result, armed security companies offer discreet and focused protection to ensure the safety of guests, property, and valuables. Security agencies may also offer transportation for prominent individuals to and from high-profile events.
For example, the Source Awards are famous for their scenes of violent outbreaks. Concerts across the world are known for causing deaths. Armed security companies provide protective services to these events so that they can protect the things that matter most to them: the audience and the talent. Musical trends come and go, and the rampant violence of the gangster rap era has largely subsided, but that just means a new wave of concert and award show violence is lurking around the corner.

Sensitive Valuables Are Protected by Armed Security Companies

High-level possessions, antiques, works of art, and important documents may require additional security beyond the presence of unarmed guards. To meet these needs, armed security companies offer escort services between facilities or in other situations where a security breach is possible.
At Access Patrol Service, we take every precaution to prevent having to use weapons in protecting our clients. If weapon use is necessary in certain circumstances to ensure client safety, however, our armed guards are completely prepared to fulfill their responsibilities quickly and competently.

For additional information on our armed security services, call us at 1-866-770-0004 or fill out our online order form to book armed guards. Our specialists are standing by to take your order and walk you through your options, so you can make an informed decision regarding how best to protect your interests.

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