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Can an Armed Security Service Prevent Tragedy?

Tragedy in America
There is no easy solution to the problem of gun violence in America, but as sprees, public massacres and school shootings continue to happen, the entire nation agrees something must be done. While proposals about restricting access to guns and making mental healthcare more accessible may be effective, it will be years before these ideas come to vote in congress, and even then, they may not pass. There is a more short term solution, however: a private armed security service.

An Armed Security Service Protects Customers, Students and Citizens
Just the presence of a trained and well-armed security professional can be a powerful deterrent to the mentally unstable spree killers who intentionally select vulnerable targets like students and theatre-goers. These killers look for easy targets, and just the threat of being stopped is enough to discourage action. Beyond that, should a killer decide to target a location with armed security, a trained professional will be far more effective at stopping such a person than a private citizen, no matter how well armed.

An Armed Security Service Can Operate Effective Checkpoints
Pat downs, metal detectors and wands are part and parcel of any high security location. An armed security service can run effective checkpoints. This deters and prevents would be shooters from entering the premise while armed. People often scoff at these measures as little more than security theatre, but there is a reason every courthouse in America requires them. While a military target might not be stopped by such things, the average criminal is, and this saves thousands of lives every year.

An Armed Security Service is Affordable
How valuable is a human life? Priceless, of course. Never the less, many locations and events feel that armed security is an unaffordable expense. Not true. Setting aside any measures of the cost that an attack could have on a location’s reputation and insurance premiums (not to mention the human lives lost), most people are surprised to learn that hiring an armed security service is often as simple, budgetarily speaking, as adding a few more employees to payroll.
If you’re hosting an event, or manage a school or a business that might be a target for shootings or terrorism, call APS, at 1-866-770-0004, and find out what your options are. You can also find us on the web at online order form.

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