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What To Look For In An Armed Temporary Guard
There are certain events that require you to bring in the big guns. Literally. If your company is having a huge party, or your baby girl is (finally) getting married, or you’ve engineered a multi-million dollar building, you might need to have an armed temporary guard there to ensure that nobody that you don’t want to gets in, nothing gets stolen, and everything runs smoothly. That’s when you need to hire an armed temporary security guard.

Determine If You Need An Armed Temporary Guard
Before you enlist an armed temporary guard’s services, you need to assess what you need them for:
-a wedding with an open bar might only need two armed temporary guards for four hours each
-a big corporate retreat might need a team of ten armed temporary guards for a whole weekend
-a massive stadium rebuild might need a huge team of armed temporary guards for two months
We have found that our clients’ needs vary widely depending on what they need our armed temporary guard’s services for, which is why we suggest you call our offices and speak to a member of our team to ascertain where your armed temporary security needs really lie.

If you think that all it takes to be an armed temporary security guard is black pants, a donut and a gun you are totally wrong. It takes a lot of experience and training to carry a gun for APS®, and we are proud of the exceptional caliber of people that we have on our team.

In order to become an APS security guard, we require:
-a valid California Guard Card
-at least one year of security experience
-must pass a stringent set of guidelines and possess a valid firearm permit.

On top of the simple qualifications to get in the door as an APS security guard, we provide industry best training and career development. No other security companies have better trained or prepared guards- a fact that has enabled APS to shine for the more than twenty years that we’ve been in business.
And More..

Beyond your needs as a client and our qualifications as guards, there is a big question of fit. What kind of security guard truly fits your needs? APS is an active participant in Hire Our Heroes, an initiative to get former military members and their families back in the work force. We employ a huge number of veterans and their families, and we are so proud of the work they do. In addition, we have found that former members of law enforcement, and current members looking to supplement their income, thrive as APS security guards. Their technical training and natural interest in helping others make them some of the best security guards that we have ever seen. We believe that anyone in need of professional security for their loved ones or business would be lucky to have an officer watching their back.
We’re really proud of our armed temporary security guards at APS, and if you’re looking for the best armed temporary team in the world to protect what you cherish, we’re here and happy to help! Give us a call at 1-866-770-0004 or go to online order form to learn more!

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