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Baldwin Park: Where Success Stories Are Made

Baldwin Park has a history of success. Named after Lucky Baldwin himself, the region’s passion for business and investment mirrors that of its namesake. Baldwin Park is the home of the very first In-N-Out Burger, and countless other small businesses. Unfortunately, economic ups and downs have damaged this historic community, and Baldwin Park and surrounding areas are now hotbeds of criminal activity. The city is doing its part to revitalize this noble, but struggling community, but it simply isn’t enough. Baldwin Park business owners need to take action to protect their city, revitalize their community, and make Baldwin Park great again.

APS’s Private Security Officers are the Solution to Baldwin Park’s Crime Problem
Crime is what happens when negative economic circumstance intersects with convenience. That is to say, when people become desperate for money or goods, whether through drug addiction poverty or some other need, they look for easy solutions. The best way to deter crime in Baldwin Park is to make crime less rewarding for the people who might do it. Security guards exert a tangible and well researched effect on criminals, making them feel watched, and more likely to get caught. When private security experts work closely with police, crime rates plummet, encouraging renewed economic activities and foot traffic through the protected areas.
Consider Warner Center, in the San Fernando Valley. Infamous for hiring its own city-wide private security force, the center is virtually crime free, despite being surrounded on all sides by areas known for car theft and gang violence.

Revitalizing your Community Starts with You
Be the change you want to see in Baldwin Park. If you’re tired of businesses not taking public security seriously, then it’s up to you to make a difference. Hire protection, and watch as, all around you, other small businesses hire security professionals as well. Bit by bit, your beloved city will become a little safer.
If you’re a home owner, consider talking with your neighbors about security patrols. The same powerful effects that private security has on businesses apply equally to neighborhoods. When a community feels safe they spend more time outside, engage in more events, and focus on community building activities instead of worrying for their safety. APS offers a huge variety of services to the Baldwin Park area, and can tailor a security service that fits the needs of its community and budget. Call now and make a difference today or contact us on online order form.

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