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Why Burbank Security Guards are Vital to the City

Burbank Security Guards
Burbank, California is home to some of the biggest TV network studios in the nation, it is surrounded by plush grass and a beautiful, mountainous scene. It also parents many celebrity homes, fortune 500 companies, and world renowned car dealer ships. Which is one of the main reasons why its crime rate has gone up tremendously according to City Data, the need for Burbank security guards is vital to this city’s protection. Here at APS we can offer your home, business, assets, or family the protection and peace of mind you deserve if you are located in Burbank with one of best Burbank security guards.
APS provides Burbank security guards in that area for all protection needs you desire. With professional staff utilizing marked patrol vehicles and the latest technology in Burbank. For locations that need to have a security presence, but do not have the need for continuous on-site security officer(s), then patrol services may be right for you. Benefits of patrol services include:
* Regular checks of your property
* Detailed reporting of all observations
* Enforcement action against trespassers or other criminal activity
* Lock-Up / Unlock / Alarm Response services
* Parking enforcement services
* Security visibility at a fraction of the cost as compared to on-site services

Patrol Security Customers Include:
* Home Owners
* Property Management Companies
* Shopping Centers
* Wholesale Businesses
* Warehouse & Storage Facilities
* Medical Centers & Hospitals
* Hotels & Resorts
* Transportation Facilities & Depots
* Auto Dealerships
* Banks & Jewelry Stores
* Gated Communities
APS security will train high quality candidates from the Burbank area to become Burbank security guards. While all candidates must pass a very strict hiring process, in return they get excellent training on all aspects of private security, as well as a supportive work environment and great compensation. The hiring process includes a lengthy application; a series of interviews with management; personal reference checks; verification of employment history; drug tests; and background checks. If you believe you are qualified to meet our high standard contact us today!
If you are looking to book Burbank security guards look no further! APS will be more than happy to provide you with these officers. Visit our website at online order form or give us a call at 1-866-770-0004.

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