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Calabasas Security Guard
Calabasas (Spanish for “Pumpkins”) is a city California that’s located in the San Fernando Valley. The 2014 census, states that the city’s population was 23,058, and steady rising every year. It is noted for its wealthy residents and gated neighborhoods.
In a recent study done by City Data, Calabasas ranks 91 on a scale of crime rate, with the highest number being over 1,000. Which means, Calabasas is considered very low, and that is a very good thing. The need for a Calabasas security guard for this part of town still is very necessary to continue to prevent any further crimes so that number can continue to decrease.

What are the Duties of a Calabasas Security Guard?
A Calabasas security guard is hired by businesses, casinos, hospitals, stores, banks, nuclear power plants and other organizations to help deter illegal activities. The Calabasas security guard might be watching a bank of TV monitors all night, to look for suspicious activity. Or you might be stationed at a building’s front door, checking IDs and greeting people who walk in. As a Calabasas security guard you’ll need to know the law, your employer’s rules and be able to enforce both.
Many law enforcement officials work as security guards. Having law enforcement experience can be a great help, as security guards have to interact with police officers, interview witnesses and sometimes even testify in court.
There are some downsides to becoming a security guard. It can be dangerous work, especially for armored car guards. The threat of being robbed or worse is all too real for most security guards. This is why many security guards receive firearm, hand-to-hand combat and emergency response training. Also, in some instances, security guards are instructed to let petty shoplifters go – a fact that might not sit well with the law-abiding side of your personality.

How Much Does a Calabasas Security Guard Make?
Surprisingly, security guards make only $20,000 a year, even though their jobs are considered very dangerous. On average, medical hospital guards and elementary and secondary school guards make the most, taking home more than $26,000 a year.

What are the Educational Requirements to Become a Calabasas Security Guard?
A high school education is preferred if you want to become a Calabasas security guard. On-the-job training differs depending on the company. Even though a college degree is not required, different companies may still require specific certifications.
The future of security guard jobs are steadily rising and in high demand, simply because safety and criminal threats are concerns for many huge businesses. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of available security jobs will increase faster than average over the next few years.
If you are looking to book a Calabasas security guard for your company please reach out to us and call 1-866-770-0004 or visit our website at online order form.

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