Selecting A Construction Site Security Guard Company

Construction sites are a hub of activity, making it difficult to keep track of those who should be there, and those who shouldn’t. Materials and equipment are often left unattended. All this can cause big security problems.

Criminals can slip in through unmonitored entry points, pose as vendors or wait until dark to vandalize or steal. Some criminals can be employees too.

When equipment and materials are stolen or damaged, they are not only costly to replace, but the loss could delay the project’s completion.

Access Patrol Services devises a security plan for your specific site. It often includes securing the perimeter, checking all vehicles that enter and leave, providing after hours security and working with our offsite staff who are constantly monitoring security camera feeds, looking for anything suspicious. If they see something, they immediately contact our guards onsite.

Access Patrol Services provides construction site security services throughout California and Arizona. Contact Access Patrol Services at 866-770-0004 to discuss security services for your construction site or go to


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