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Ins and Outs of Corporate Security Guards

Have You Seen Corporate Security Guards Working and Thought About Becoming One?
Have you seen Corporate Security Guards working at a business and thought that might be a career you are interested in pursuing? If you feel strongly against theft and want to make sure businesses are protected, this may be something to look into. If you are employed by a retail company or working at a mall, your main purpose is to deter theft and vandalism. You may also monitor security cameras, patrol parking lots, apprehend shoplifting suspects, or even assist undercover store detectives with loss prevention.

Main Duties Corporate Security Guards Do on a Daily Basis
If you are hired to work in a corporate office or financial institution, your main responsibility is to guard the entrances and exits of the building, and to make sure that employees and customers are protected. You also need to provide general surveillance and respond to company alarms if they go off. Some Corporate Security Guards are placed into a mobile position, which means that they are working on foot or in a vehicle, and are responsible for detaining and removing offenders. They usually have a radio to stay in contact with others, answer service calls, or radio for help.
Whether you are working at a retail location, corporate office, financial institution, or other location, there are uniform duties that all Corporate Security Guards need to adhere to. These duties are writing daily activity reports, answering phone calls during both on and off hours and contacting the appropriate department (Fire Department, Law Enforcement, etc.) if needed. You will either be asked to patrol where customers are present, or remain at one location. You may also be needed to escort certain personnel to and from events. Most jobs require individuals to spend long hours standing.

Information on License and Training Needed
If you already have received your security license and training, you should be able to start working immediately as one of the Corporate Security Guards for a business. However, it is likely that the business itself will ask you to submit fingerprints and they will complete a background check. It is important that you have a clean record, good references, great communication skills, and are in excellent physical shape.
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