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Do Corporate Security Services Prevent Crime?

Corporate Security Services: Everyone Has Them
Visit the office of any major corporation, and you’ll see security guards. They guard the door, the parking lot, and other important areas. It is such a natural part of the corporate landscape that, unless you think about it, you’ve probably never noticed just how ubiquitous it is. What’s going on? A lot of these companies work with purely conceptual content. There isn’t much that a casual thief can steal. And will a professional corporate espionage agent really be stopped by basic measures like a paid doorman?

How Good are They, Really?
Corporate security services are devastatingly effective at stopping certain kinds of crimes, as well as making sure that everyone who gets into a facility belongs there. At its core, one of the main jobs of corporate security services is keeping employees safe, and while a truly dedicated thief or assailant might find another way to sneak in, casual crazies and unqualified job seekers get stopped at the door. This alone is worth the price that companies pay.

What about Internal Crime?
The sad truth is that, as companies grow to have thousands, or hundreds of thousands of employees, the biggest criminal threat can come from within. Are Corporate Security Services effective at deterring these sorts of internal, white collar crimes? As it turns out, corporate security services can encompass more than just uniformed guards. In house surveillance systems, along with crime prevention consultation all fall within the purview of corporate security services. Not only do these advanced security techniques deter in-house thieves, they also help protect companies from espionage and high level heists.

What’s the Verdict?
Corporate security services can be a powerful tool in the fight to protect corporate assets from threats, but they are only as good as their training, equipment and support. One guard, no matter how talented, cannot protect a company with hundreds of employees, while an entire staff of poorly educated and untrained personnel may pose an even bigger threat than having no security at all. However, if the staff is well trained, well equipped, and in sufficient quantities for the size of the company, then the impact that corporate security services can have is substantial.
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