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What to Know About Security When Arriving at a Courthouse

Maintaining the safety and security of a courthouse is an important job for the Court Security Officer. Courthouses adhere to very strict processes and procedures to ensure the safety of its premises and the people in them. When arriving at a courthouse, visitors must complete a thorough security check, similar to one at the airport. Visitors are required to remove any metal items from their pockets (change, keys, etc.) and pass through a metal detector where they are carefully inspected by trained guards. Visitors can also expect security to look through their bag or purse. It is most important that no weapons are brought into the courthouse, that the public is kept safe, and that any potentially dangerous situations are prevented. Cameras/tape recorders are not allowed in the courthouse either. If you have any of these items in your possession you will be asked to bring them to an offsite location before you are able to clear the screening. 

Responsibilities of the Court Security Officer

Court Security Officers are responsible for all security aspects of the courthouse, and ensure the judges, judicial staff, court employees, and general public visiting the courthouse are safe. They protect the people in the court and help maintain peace in the courthouse and courtroom. While in court, the Court Security Officer is there to assist the judge with anything needed, and may be asked to hand them paperwork, eject people from the courtroom, or help witnesses leave the stand. They are also in charge of watching over the jury, assisting with transportation (if necessary) to/from their hotel during overnight trials. In addition to working in the courtroom itself, other job duties include watching doorways, managing metal detectors, and roaming the courthouse’s hallways to check for suspicious activity.

Background Requirements

The Court Security Officer is usually a government-based position. An ideal candidate for this position is preferably a citizen of the United States who has previous police, military, or security experience, and an interest in public safety. All candidates are required to pass a background check and strength and ability physical test. Required education level varies depending on whether the position is offered at state level or if it is a federal U.S. position. At the state level, candidates only need to have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED), but federal U.S. marshals must possess a bachelor’s degree.

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