Organized retail crime occurs every three minutes at CVS stores around the country according to CVS’ security director. Once in the stores, criminals need just two minutes to steal an average of $2,000 of goods. Large box stores are experiencing huge increases in crime. Security guards, placed strategically throughout a store, can do much to curb this type of criminal activity.

A $45 Billion Problem. According to the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail, organized retail crime is costing businesses around $45 billion a year in lost goods (up from $30 billion in 2017). Retailers recently testified at a Senate judiciary committee hearing on the subject. They say the cause of the increase in theft is that the stolen goods can be easily sold on sites including Amazon and eBay.

Stopping Criminals. Expect the retail crime spree to ramp up through the holidays. Unsuspecting online shoppers will purchase stolen goods, which motivates criminals to steal even more. Until government regulations can prevent stolen goods from being sold on online shopping sites, the problem will remain.

There are measures retailers can take to stop criminals in their stores.

Position Security Guards Outside Store Entry Points. The guards will be a signal to would-be robbers that the store is on high alert. Guards can be also stationed around items most targeted by thieves including high-end products (clothing, purses), electronics, tools, beauty supplies and over-the-counter medications.

If your store has been hit once and the thieves got away, odds are good that it will be hit again and again until you take strong prevention measures.

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