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Equipment Watch Services For Me?
Equipment watch services are a APS specialty that we take a lot of pride in doing exceptionally well. The equipment watch services that we specialize in allow our clients to breathe easy knowing that their potentially millions of dollars’ worth of tools and equipment are safe and secure- protected by our team of fully trained security specialists.
Our clients, many of whom specialize in large commercial buildings, report that they make up the cost of APS’s expert services in just one piece of their valuable equipment or one day of lost labor. The services are proven to be well worth the cost!
We have three main strategies when conducting our equipment watch services. We’ve found them to be extremely effective.

1. Regular Patrols
Equipment watch services work largely because our presence deters troublemakers from targeting the spot that we’ve been tasked to guard. A hooligan, given the choice, will always avoid a well-trained security professional. Most crimes that we encounter at our clients’ sites are committed by petty criminals in search of a quick buck. A APS guard won’t allow for a quick buck to be had at one of our sites.
We offer vehicular patrol as well as on foot guards, which we find allows for the best overall service. We are able to patrol extremely large areas thoroughly. In addition, when a perpetrator tries to flee from us, we are able to pursue them safely and quickly. You can run, but you can’t hide. And if you do run, you’re probably not going to get far. Not with us on your tail.

2. Equipment Monitoring
Much of our equipment watch services are regulating access to a site’s valuable, confidential, classified or potentially dangerous equipment. This is a vital service because a lot of criminals today are looking to steal information rather than valuable physical equipment.
By preventing potentially dangerous individuals from accessing private information, we are ensuring the investments of everyone involved in a particular project. If you try to sneak somewhere that you shouldn’t on a APS protected, site, you won’t succeed.

3. Rapid Response
We’ve long claimed that one of the best reasons for hiring an APS team is our ability to bridge the gap between civilians and the police force. Nationwide, law enforcement is strapped. They are understaffed and underfunded, which means that their resources are put into only the most dire of cases. Because of this fact, actions designed to prevent crime and property crime, especially commercial property crime, are terribly inadequate. Having a APS guard on your site providing equipment watch services ensures that if anything unfortunate does happen, we will attend to it as fast as humanly possible. We are trained to deal with a massive variety of situations, and will do everything we can to ensure the safety of your site. Our presence doing equipment watch services mitigates so many potentially ruinous possibilities.
It is not hard to see the benefits in utilizing APS’s expert equipment watch services. Call us today at 1-866-770-0004 to talk to one of our trained dispatchers. You can also reach us online at online order form.

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