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Can I Become a Female Security Guard?

Can I become a Female Security Guard?
Yes! If you’re interested in a career in private security and happen to be a woman, don’t worry! There are no major legal restrictions preventing women from becoming a guard. The first step you have to take is to get your guard card. Check online for your local laws regarding how to do this. To better improve your hiring chances, you can sign up for additional classes on baton use, pepper spray, and even firearm use. Once you get your license, you’ll be well on you way to becoming a female security guard.
What Sort of Career Opportunities Do I Have as a Female Security Guard?
Obviously, your career options are going to vary based on your personal experience, your training, and even where you live (Try becoming a casino guard in Atlanta), but generally speaking, the same opportunities open to men are also open to women. A female security guard can climb up the career ladder and ultimately reach career milestones like becoming a casino pit boss, a VIP bodyguard, or even opening her own security guard company.

Are There any Opportunities Unique to a Female Security Guard?
At the most basic levels, the opportunities afforded to a female security guard are the same as those offered to male guards. At the highest levels of the profession, such as VIP bodyguard work, however, there is much demand for female bodyguards, especially among other female clients. In China, the highest profile bodyguard groups happen to be composed entirely of highly trained, deadly women.

What Challenges Will a Woman Face in the Security Industry?
While guard companies are all equal opportunity employers, as is required under US law, criminals are not equal opportunity attackers. Unfortunately, female security personnel are more frequently subject to attacks than their counterparts. This means that female security guards must be extra well trained, and extra professional in the work they do.
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