Fire Watch Security Guards in California and Arizona

Wildfire season is year round. Homeowners and businesses have to be on the alert and be prepared to evacuate. Unfortunately, evacuated homes and businesses invite crime. Criminals can enter a home or business, grab what they can and leave without being noticed. Police can’t be everywhere. That’s where fire watch security guard companies such as Access Patrol Services (APS) can step in to provide the protection you need. Uniformed guards patrol communities and stand guard around homes and businesses. Their presence is often enough to keep the bad guys away.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, construction fires cause over $300 million in property damage a year.

Another APS fire-related service is standing watch and reporting potential fire hazards on construction jobs. If security guards see a fire, they contact the fire department immediately. And, guards continually check and document fire protection systems during the construction phase so the fire department can issue a Certificate of Occupancy once the job is completed.

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