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Fumigation Preparation: Happy Fumigating!

Fumigation preparation isn’t a fun thing to think about. It’s nothing but lots of insects and seeing your home encased in the least fun circus tent in the world. Unless you’re an entomologist, you probably don’t think too highly of bugs in any situation. But your discomfort peaks when it comes time to have your house fumigated. No two ways about it, it’s not fun. But we know what we’re doing and are eager to help- which is why our services are so terrific!

Fumigation preparation can be utterly miserable. It takes at least a few days and up to a week. The time allocation depends on the severity of your problem and the kinds of chemicals that will be used. Your pest control company are the experts and will inform you of what you need to permanently solve your creepy crawly conundrum.

What Are Your Responsibilities When Doing Your Fumigation Preparation?

Once the fumigation experts have their game plan, the main thing you have to do is make arrangements for your family. You’ll need to get out of your house, but do you have to stay local? Take the opportunity to go on vacation? Sleep in your car? If you have animals, what do you do with them. Prepare your family for a bit of inconvenience and irritation, and make sure to do your research!

Yet another factor to consider when making your fumigation preparation is what to do about the chemicals themselves. Chemicals used in fumigation are extremely toxic and not good for anyone or anything you actually want in your home. Be careful! Be sure to protect your home’s interior from all of the toxic fumigation chemicals. Furniture and bedding and any other soft surfaces that could absorb the chemicals need to be protected. And don’t overlook your pantry! Cover all of your dry food stuffs,  and refrigerate what you can. Remember… You do not want to mess with these chemicals, especially in the food that you and your family will eat in the future

After you have secured the inside of your house from the chemicals it is time to think about the safety of the exterior of your home! There are a lot of opportunistic criminals looking to take advantage of a tented home- and that is why APS’s fumigation preparation security services are so valuable during a family’s fumigation preparation!

Security And Fumigation Preparation

When neighborhood hooligans see that a house is covered in a fumigation preparation tent it tells them this particular house (even yours) is an easy score. They might break into your home because they think nobody is there, so it’s open and it will be simple to nab the occupants’ valuables. Especially:








-small and medium electronics 

and many other small, easy to grab treasures. Once you get back you certainly don’t want to see all of you are well loved valuables missing!

Thankfully in this case security is easy to come by. APS’s fumigation preparation services will protect your valuables, home and any vehicles during your home’s fumigation. You can sleep soundly knowing that you have the best fumigation preparation team in the world keeping you safe. 

Our trained team is ready to help! Call us toll-free at 1-866-770-0004 for more information, or go to our at online order form. Happy fumigating!

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