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Advantages of Having Gate Guard Services in Your Community

Gate Guard Services Provided

Some security officers really enjoy providing gate guard services at apartment complexes, condominiums, or any type of gated community. Depending on the size of the community, and the shift worked, you may spend quite a bit of time in solitude if working the night shift. Typically when working gate guard services, you are positioned in front of the building at a window and gate where residents have passes and automatic gate entry. However, anyone who does not have a pass, or may have forgotten theirs, needs to show identification for entry. A lot of times guests may need to show ID to enter as well. Depending on the rules of the building, they may request that residents leave visitors names at the door. 

Community Advantages of Having Gate Guard Services 

There are many advantages of havinggate guard services in your community. 

Both residence and their guests will know that the community is serious about safety and that no one will be able toenter or leave the premises without having an approved badge or showing their identification to the security guard. It gives the property more of an upscale feel and ideally will keep ‘riff raff’ from entering. Residents, guests, and their families will also feel safe and protected, knowing there is 24 hour surveillance. Having a security program in effect will make your neighborhood a more desirable place to live, for friends and family to visit as well. It will also give residents peace of mind knowing they can sleep at night without worrying about unwanted intruders. 

Gate Guard Services provide a variety of different tasks including: 

* Control access in/out of the community

* Check that doors and garages are locked 

* Follow guidelines from the Homeowner’s Association (HOA)

* Keep a lookout for suspicious activity

* Patrol the area 

* Guide traffic and ensure speed limit is obeyed

* Ticket speeding cars    

If you are interested in learning more about the gate guard services that APS offers or possibly working as one in your area, contact APS at 1-866-770-0004 or

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