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Home Security Services: Are They Necessary?

Home Security Services
Peace of mind products like home security services and monitoring are a blossoming industry. With increasing revenues, these companies has come scrutiny, and many watchdog groups and consumer advocate organizations are beginning to question the value of these service, especially relative to their cost. Are home security services worth it?

Monitoring Service’s Dirty Little Secret
The one thing providers of home security services like ADT don’t want you to know is how low-priority calls from their monitoring center actually are for police. Because of the high frequency of false alarms, large departments routinely ignore the calls they receive from home security monitoring firms. Even if the cops do receive the call, if the resident isn’t home, a brave burglar can still steal high value items and be out of there faster than an officer can respond.
And all of that presumes that the workers at the monitoring stations even respond to your calls. There was a major scandal recently when a woman was raped after her monitoring company failed to report the multiple break-ins at her home to the police.

Prevention, not Punishment
Home security services are meant to offer crime prevention, not punishment. With that in mind, there are easier options. A dog, strong locks and bars over your windows, as well as difficult landscaping can all be gotten for cheaper than home security services. Plus, if you want to be extra clever, you can just buy a security company sign off eBay. That will usually deter criminals about as effectively as an actual security system.

Other Options
There are good reasons why people want security systems. Neighborhoods are sometimes targets of organized criminal activity, and sometimes it’s just a matter of feeling secure more than actually being secure.
That said, if you and your community feel that you are in danger of criminal activity, the cheaper option may be to hire in-person security. Split between a community, professional neighborhood patrols are cheaper than home security while addressing many of the problems that come with it. If you do want to review the pricing options for these sorts of services, call APS, at 1-866-770-0004, or find us online at online order form.

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