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A Hospital Security Guard Career

Hospital Security Guard
The hospital security guard program is an element of the hospital that supports professional care of all patients. All patients, staff, and visitors benefit from ahospital security guard under a well-structured security program. The hospital security guard is the “backbone” of that program.Every hospital security guard must be licensed or certified to function in his or her role as part of a health care team.Various states have created several hospital security guard certification programs, but none are required to be a hospital security guard. However, any type of weapon used by that hospital security guard must be licensed, and the officer must be certified to carry that weapon (baton, firearm, etc.).

Education & Requirements
Most Hospital Security Officers complete at least a basic security officer’s program. These programs can run as long as 24 hours and cover subjects ranging from laws of arrest to weapon safety.
Many of the basic training courses are tailored to individual hospital needs. In recent years, a number of states have mandated requirements for Security Officers, and most states have mandated requirements for weapon training.

Daily Activities
A typical day at the hospital for a security officer will include:
1. Post/patrol duty:
* providing protection, assistance, and control
* monitoring activity in and around an assigned area
* being alert for suspicious activity
* enforcing access to the property and regulating removal of equipment
* patrolling the hospital and reporting findings

2. Information reporting:
* gathering, compiling, recording, and reporting information
* reporting security or safety hazards
* treating all information as confidential and respecting everyone’s right to privacy

3. Situation response:
* responding appropriately to routine and emergency situations in a timely manner
* evaluating a situation and taking appropriate steps to resolve it in a professional manner
* using only necessary force, as appropriate to the situation
* providing traffic control, when necessary
* monitoring a given situation until completed
* Acting with restraint, not allowing emotions to dictate actions and/or reactions.

In special cases, a hospital security guard will become involved with patients when their assistance is requested by medical or nursing staff. Another way, would be when patients or their families approach them for some form of assistance or information.
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