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Hotel Security is very important to the success of hotel chains and all their different brands. The reason security personal is so vital to hotels is because, guests tend to bring expensive items and important documents with them on their trip. Although, majority of the time their valuables are secure, guests need to feel protected at every moment of their visit. 

Security guards on hotel properties must patrol every area on site. Managers like to see the hotel security in the lobby, especially when groups of people arrive. This way, they can provide guests with a sense of security. Typically, if the hotel property is larger, it may employ a large amount of security officers to keep up patrols and maintain effective communication.

Security Duties

Hotel security officers respond to complaints and calls for any type of troubles on site. Hotel security, like most trained security guards, typically do not carry firearms, but they may have access to weapons if necessary. It is typically the role of the hotel security team to maintain and monitor cameras, alarm systems and other equipment. More than two security guards may be stationed where they can watch the activity captured by the cameras on the monitors. Having cameras on the property is an effective way to surveillance potential crime and can allow hotel security to protect different locations on the property simultaneously.

The hotel security guard on duty often is called to escort unruly guests from the property. Many hotels have bars and nightclubs located on the property to depend on the security guard to maintain order by directing intoxicated people to taxis or to be transported out of the building. Loiterers not registered at the hotel may need an escort off the property, particularly if they are harassing guests. Security teams may have a designated holding area in the hotel where they can detain people against whom the hotel wishes to press charges.

Despite the larger budget that hotel properties acquire when they choose to have hotel security on site, it is very necessary to have them. They have a proven record over the years that has caused a major decline in hotel crimes by keeping not only the patrons safe and secure but the hotel employees as well.  

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