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Irvine: The Safest City in America

Congratulations on being the safest city in American for an 8th year in a row! At APS we salute your emphasis on crime prevention and security, both public and private. Irvine citizens can rest easy at night knowing that they’re living in one of the best large cities in the entire country, with less than 6 crimes per 10,000 people
What’s contributed to this wild success? As a community in the greater LA metro area, common knowledge would dictate that Irvine’s wealth and proximity to less affluent communities would cause crime at rates at least nominally higher than the national average.
The answer is twofold, and reflects the best security practices in use across the nation.

Irvine Incorporates Research and Technology into Their Public and Private Policing
Irvine is a tech hub with major industry giants operating expansive campuses in the community. This has helped create a culture of innovation in all aspects of Irvine life. Like the security professionals at APS, Irvine citizens, businesses and government officials are always looking for new ways to effectively incorporate technological innovations into their security. This has paid off, as local police are able to patrol larger areas and communicate with each other more effectively, while private firms are better able to customize their services for the needs of their clients.
Furthermore, Irvine knows the value of hard research and facts on policing and security. Though law enforcement can be filled with superstitions, local Irvine police have insisted on basing their policing on results, and not feelings or traditions.

Irvine Spends Money on Security
Communities that struggle with crime are communities that are underserved by law enforcement and unable, or unwilling, to invest in private security. This doesn’t apply to Irvine. Their officers are well paid, attracting the best and brightest to the force, while local companies, businesses and events all make regular use of private security through companies like APS to protect their interests.
This focus on security has paid dividends to the community, as Irvine’s safety has spurred economic development and attracted more companies and talented individuals. Irvine is considered one of the nicest places in Los Angeles, and experts agree, this is in large part a result of the phenomenally low crime rates. If you’re local to Irvine and looking for security solutions for your event, neighborhood or businesses, reach out to one of our specialists, and find out how we can best serve you. For more information contact us on online order form.

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