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Keeping Hubs Of Commerce Secure

Since online purchasing is growing tremendously in scope, fulfillment centers, whether Amazon, FedEx or the dozens of centers that enable ecommerce companies to easily warehouse and send merchandise to customers, security is critical.

Attracting Criminals. Fulfillment centers contain large quantities of new merchandise (the type that’s easy to sell anonymously on the Internet). The hustle and bustle of the operation, with trucks coming in and out, loading and unloading often around the clock, gives thieves the impression that no one would notice if packages went missing.

Inside Job With Outside Help. Unscrupulous workers can steal on their own, but according to security expert Barry Brandman of Danbee Investigations, a more common scenario is for an employee to collude with a driver to remove stolen items.

Implement these security safeguards to reduce the temptation and opportunity to steal.

Inventory Control. While difficult because of the constant turnover, inventory audits and control are a must. To make the task more manageable, assign managers to control specific types of items and have them responsible to track only those items.

Fulfillment Center Security Guards. Visible security guards are one way to deter theft on loading docks and other merchandise exit points. Security guards can keep a watchful eye on employee and truck drive activity as well as look for packages or packages in the wrong locations. Access Patrol Services offers around the clock security guard options for distribution centers.

Separate Secure Areas. Valuables items, including electronic equipment, jewelry, high-end clothing and anything that can be easily sold on the black market, should be stored in a secure area that requires access through a locked entrance or by showing clearance to a security guard.

Video Surveillance. Odds are, employee theft can be caught on video. Have security personnel review surveillance video in real time, especially of sections of the center that are prone to theft.

Employee Lockers. Provide lockers to employers to place their personal belongings. No backpacks, bags or purses should be allowed in the operational areas.

Employee Education. No doubt, there are nefarious employees whose primary goal is to steal, but the majority of those employees who steal do so because they see others steal and get away with it. Educate employees that the center takes employee theft seriously and those caught will be fired and prosecuted. Then, follow through.

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