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Police Violence in La Habra Means People Are Turning to Private Security

Among the twenty Orange County police departments, La Habra’s ranks third in police involved shootings. As scrutiny towards law enforcement spikes up across the nation, thanks in no small part to the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, and La Habra’s own Michael Cho, people are losing faith in law enforcement professionals to look out for their safety.
In La Habra, however there is still a security need, and in the absence of an effective and trusted police force, citizens are turning to companies like APS, who are able to provide professional private security services in almost any situation. What they’re discovering is that while private security can never completely replace the police, the benefits it is bringing to the community are welcome and pronounced.

Private Security Is Focused on Crime Prevention
In a world where officers are paid bonuses based on the numbers of arrests they make and the number of tickets they give out, law enforcement isn’t incentivized to prevent crime. Private security officers like the ones provided by APS, however, focus on stopping crimes from ever happening in the first place. They combine top of the line technology with well researched security protocols to deter criminals from acting, while maintaining the training and presence of mind to act appropriately should a crime occur.
In communities like La Habra, where crime is an unfortunate part of life, and thanks to enduring economic distress, poverty grips nearly 15 percent of the population, crime prevention does more to ensure peace of mind than any number of arrests.

Private Security Brings Peace of Mind
Thanks to the emphasis that APS has on crime prevention, and the high standards to which they hold their guards, communities that make use of their private security services are experiencing peace of mind, and that is having tangible results on the communities.
Studies have shown that when people feel safer, test scores go up, businesses flourish and communities are able to better engage in the sorts of activities that lift entire families out of economic distress. Thanks to the wide variety of services that APS offers in La Habra, whether you’re a business owner, event planner, or even a local community looking to invest in a patrol service, we have what you need.
An investment in private security is an investment in the entire community. Speak to one of our security professionals and see what APS’s services can brings to your business, neighborhood or event. For more information contact us on online order form.

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