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Long Beach’s 42-year Violent Crime Low

Congratulations Long Beach! Your focus on economic improvement, community engagement, and the regular usage of private security has driven crimes in your area to an all-time low!
APS has worked in the Long Beach area for the past five years, and is proud to be a part of this exceptional trend! We want to congratulate this coastal community and reflect upon how residents and businesses can keep the local crime rates declining.

A Focus on Security Should Be a First Priority
Long Beach already puts a lot of local money towards security initiatives. Their police force is well staffed and well paid, and works with community groups on outreach programs that can keep criminals from re-offending and help those who have drug problems get into treatment. With that said, Long Beach communities can do more. Because Long Beach natives love big events, from live concerts in the parks to massive motorsports grands prix, they put themselves at risk. The sad reality is that anywhere large numbers of people gather, criminals are present.
Fortunately, crimes at events big and small can be prevented with a small investment in private security. Though it may not seem like much to a law abiding citizen, the power of a uniformed security professional cannot be understated. Criminals are creatures of ease, who look for low risk targets. Having security professionals patrolling an area, or even just guarding the door creates a high risk environment for criminals.

Private Security Spurs Community Growth
Perhaps the most valuable element that private security provides, beyond safety for residents and stable employment for locals, is the compounding effects that peace of mind bring to homeowners, shoppers and event-goers.
Peace of mind encourages enhanced educational performance among students, an increase in neighborly activities in communities, and enhanced spending in retail locations. Long Beach has become a boom town due to the exciting employment opportunities available, thrilling year round events, and recently, sharply declining rates of violent crime. The only way to maintain this trend of growth is to continue developing the community’s security infrastructure by working closely with both law enforcement and private security firms like APS, who are familiar with the area and work dozens of events every year. If you are in need of more information on Montebello security guards, or have questions about security or security guard protection in general, please contact us at 1-866-770-0004 or contact us on online order form.

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