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Deciding Which Los Angeles Security Guard Services You Need

Los Angeles Security Guard ServicesFor Your Business, Residence, or Event
There are numerous Los Angeles Security Guard Services available if you are looking for protection for your business, residence, or upcoming event. There are also Los Angeles Security Guard Services available for individuals looking for personal protection or a body guard. No matter what type of security you may need, APS has trained and qualified staff who are ready to serve and protect you 24/7. If you are in need of security, do not hesitate to contact us by phone 1-866-770-0004 or by visiting us online.

Los Angeles Security Guard Services for Your Business
If you own or manage your own business and are looking for additional protection, APS offers qualified security guards at affordable rates. Typically they would be hired to work in a corporate office or financial institution guarding the entrances and exits of the building, and to make sure that employees and customers are protected. They would also provide general surveillance and respond to company alarms as needed. Sometimes guards are placed into a mobile position, which means that they are working on foot or in a vehicle, and are responsible for detaining and removing offenders. They usually have radios to stay connected with others, answer service calls, or radio if they need help.
Los Angeles Security Guard Services for Residential or Gated Communities
If you manage or own an apartment complex or gated community, you may be in need of Residential Security Guardsto monitor the entrance so that no one enters the premises without having an approved badge or showing their identification to the security guard. They also make sure that doors and garages are locked, and patrol the neighborhood periodically to look for suspicious activity.

Event Security for Your Upcoming Event
If you are looking for event security for an upcoming event, APS can assist with your needs. Once we have all the information we can structure a plan for your event where security guards are present from start to finish, adhering to all your needs and giving you peace of mind. Depending on your event and needs, APS security can collect tickets, check IDs, guard the stage, escort VIPs, maintain crowd control, evict unruly guests, and/or call taxis’ for guests.

Personal Protection and Your Safety
If you need a bodyguard or personal protection, we offer a variety of services to ensure that you are safe and protected. Our highly-trained guards keep you from harm’s way by using their keen eyes and training techniques to avoid potentially dangerous situations and ensure your safety.
Regardless of your needs, and how big or small they are, we are ready to discuss your security needs and find the best security option for you. You can reach us online at online order form or call us directly at 1-866-770-0004.

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