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Montebello Residents Understand Security

Montebello is a thriving Latin-American community in the greater L.A. area with less than average incidents of homicide and gang violence relative to the poverty levels and general income of the area. Why? Simple, the residents of Montebello understand the need for security and the powerful deterrent that high profiled security professionals can have on violence, vandalism and gang activities.
Montebello is packed with industrious professionals, small business owners and homeowners who are looking to keep their community on the up and up by stopping crime, keeping young men and women employed, and encouraging feelings of safety among the citizens of the area.

APS Hires Montebello Locals
APS emphasizes using local security professionals who have expert knowledge of the communities in which they serve. This allows APS’s men and women to provide security solutions that are sensitive to the needs of the area, and gives them a more personal connection to their areas of service.
Additionally, in communities like Montebello, where a full 15 percent of residents fall below the federal poverty line, APS offers a valuable opportunity for young men and women of character and drive to start an exciting career in the rapidly growing field of private security.

APS’s Security Solutions Will Improve the Montebello Community
APS is experienced working in majority Latino communities and operates with more tact and sensitivity than the LAPD often does. Because we’re focused on stopping crime before it happens, and not on improving our arrest numbers, our security professionals actively contribute to making the entire populace feel safer. That feeling of safety is very effective at stoking the flames of the local economy, as well as encouraging greater community involvement, and even improving test scores for the local youth.
Thanks to our focus on customer service, APS is able to provide quick security solutions to the residents of Montebello. If you are in need of more information on Montebello security guards, or have questions about security or security guard protection in general, please contact us at 1-866-770-0004 or contact us on online order form.

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