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North Hollywood Security Guard
North Hollywood is a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles. It is home to the NoHo Arts District and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, as well as the biggest television studios. This explains some of the reasons why the crime rate is so drastically huge in this area, its home to so many important landmarks. With that comes vandalism, theft, burglary, fire, grand theft auto, etc. Which is why there is such a high demand for a North Hollywood security guard. APS is here to provide the foremost in private security guards and patrol services available today. Whether your concerns are your company, yourself, your family or your event; we provide you the “Peace of Mind” you deserve.

Services a North Hollywood Security Guard Offers:
* Counter terrorism operations on land and at sea
* Maritime security and anti-piracy
* Target hardening
* Security operations in high risk areas
* Specialized equipment
* Advanced training (see comprehensive tactical training & military/police training)

Clients a North Hollywood Security Guard May Have:
* Cruise and freight companies
* Military contractors
* Municipalities
* Governments
* Businesses

APS can offer a North Hollywood security guard that can exude excellent conduct in the field, and service you a professional full day of work every time! Our protective services rely heavily on effective planning and assessment in addition to reaction. It has been proven reaction can only be as good as preparation.
Additional Services a North Hollywood Security Guard Offers:
* Executive protection / Close Protection / Bodyguards
* Advance, vulnerability and threat assessments
* Travel, stationary, and static security plans
* Route establishment
* Contingency planning
* Security consulting
* Protective escort services
* Visible deterrence against threats
* Ingres and Egress

Additional Clients a North Hollywood Security Guard Has:
* Business executives
* Entertainers
* Professional athletes
* Celebrities
* Attorneys
* People who have been threatened
* Witnesses in court cases

With years of experience in private security, APS, is the company who will protect you and all your assets with a North Hollywood Security Guard!

If you are looking for a North Hollywood Security Guard please call us at 1-866-770-0004 or visit our website at online order form for all further bookings.

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