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Northridge Security Guards Needed to Reduce Violent Crimes

Reasons for Needing Northridge Security Guards
Northridge Security Guards are definitely needed to help reduce the amount of violent and non-violent crimes in the area. Northridge, which is just a few miles north of Reseda, has increased violent crimes, according to the current L.A. Times Crime Maps. Violent crimes in Reseda were only two in the last week, compared to Northridge, where there were seven. This is more than three times the amount of violent crimes, which include rape, assault, and robbery. Property crimes were significantly higher in Northridge as well, with 35 this past week, when compared to 23 in Reseda. When comparing the number of crimes committed per 10,000 people, it is 6 in Reseda and 4.5 in Northridge. This is also higher than the nearby locations of Chatsworth, Porter Ranch, Granada Hills, North Hills, Winnetka, and Van Nuys, and lower than Lake Balboa.

Additional Information from L.A. Times Crime Map
The L.A. Times Crime Map shows a week by week breakdown for every city, which include statistics and comparisons, and details of actual crimes committed, along with the date and location. If you look at Northridge in the last week, violent crimes actually dipped and property crime reports remained about the same. If you look over the last three months, Northridge averaged 4.1 violent crimes and 36.1 property crimes per week.

Understanding How Northridge Security Guards Can Help
Knowing that Northridge has a higher crime rate than the majority of its surrounding cities is an excellent reason to ensure that Northridge security guards are in full supply. There are numerous ways that Northridge security guards can assist with keeping the area safe, secure, and protected. Some of these include:
* Help maintain security and prevent crime
* Guard entrances and exits of local businesses
* Provide general surveillance
* Escort high-profile customers to/from their vehicles
* Respond to company alarms immediately when they go off
* Contact law enforcement agencies or the fire department immediately in emergency situations
It is helpful to understand the amount of violent and non-violent crimes in an area so you can be on the lookout for suspicious behavior and keep an eye out for Northridge security guards in case you need one. Contact APS if you need a security guard in the area at 1-866-770-0004, or visit us online at online order form.

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