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Panorama City Security Guards and Tips on Keeping your Car Safe

Panorama City Security Guards
Panorama City security guards patrol through the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles County. Communities close to Panorama City include Arleta, Mission Hills, North Hills, Sun Valley, Valley Glen, and Van Nuys. Ethnically speaking, Panorama City is very diverse, and they have a relatively young age range. Panorama City is actually known as San Fernando Valley’s first planned community, which to this day, remains a mixture of small single-family homes and low-rise apartment buildings.

Analyzing Recent Panorama City Crime Rates
When looking over L.A. Crime Reports for Panorama City the past week, it is quite interesting to see that the number of violent crimes jumped significantly (to ten) and the number of property crimes dropped to 17. The violent crimes, which consisted of robbery and aggravated assault, took place in the early evenings, whereas the property crimes took place between 8AM and 2AM. Having employed additional Panorama City security guards that week may have helped to keep the number of violent crimes down. However, it is so hard to know when or where these types of crimes are going to take place. And the fact that the property crimes dropped significantly that week. (The average for the past three months is 28.2 property crimes per week.)

Vehicle Theft in Panorama City and Tips to Prevent It
When reviewing the previous week, there is quite a bit of theft involving vehicles; theft, theft from vehicles, and even four accounts of grand theft auto. Panorama City security guards can definitely help to protect your vehicle and property from these types of crimes. However, it is best to be knowledgeable and safe in your own right first. If you are in Panorama City, or an area with high auto theft, follow these ten steps to (ideally) prevent your car from getting stolen:
1. Always lock your car doors
2. Never leave your car running while unattended or unlocked
3. Do not leave a spare key on or near your vehicle. (They sell magnetized boxes for spare keys, but most thieves are privy to these types of devices and can find them easily.)
4. Do not ever leave your windows open, or even slightly cracked, when your vehicle is unattended
5. Always park in well-lit areas, especially where Panorama City security guards patrol
6. Install an alarm system and anti-theft device
7. Use a vehicle immobilizer system to prevent thieves from hotwiring your car
8. Install a GPS tracking system so police can locate your car if it is stolen
9. Put valuables in the trunk or under the seat if they must remain in your vehicle
10. Trust your gut feeling and if an area seems too dangerous to park your car, it probably is
If you are in need of more information on Panorama City security guards, or have questions about security or security guard protection in general, please contact us at 1-866-770-0004 or contact us on online order form.

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