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How to Start Your Own Private Security Company 

Starting a private security company can be a huge feat to accomplish, which involves plenty of risks, but the return rate from a financial standpoint can be extremely rewarding and lucrative. Not to mention, the good feeling you possess when knowing that your company is helping people feel safe and secure. No worries, APS is here to provide you with all the necessary steps and the process it will take to build your own private security company. 

Registering Your Company

The first step in starting your own private security company is making sure you get your business properly registered. The company will have to be registered within the state you plan on establishing it in, as well as a tax I.D. and a DBA should be completed before you even begin marketing your business. Although the beginning steps of registering appears to be a handful, the good news is, it’s very inexpensive to start your own private security company! 

Knowing Your Market 

Making sure you know all aspects that go along with knowing the surrounding markets that deal with security is extremely important. For example, security guard officers in Los Angeles have higher competitive rates than the security guards in San Diego. Also, another thing to consider is making sure your company will possess something different that adds to the security industry that will give you leverage among other competitors.

State Licensing and Testing

In most states, (not all) require written testing. It is best you research the different state requirements who oversees private security companies within the area you want to establish your business. For example, in the state of California, it is the Bureau of Security and 

Investigative Services who provide everything that deals with private security. Which includes: all regulations, rules, and requirements pertaining to this topic. Also, in most cases if you ask (depending on the state) they can provide you with study materials if needed. In California, it takes a total of $1500 to get your company fully licensed, other states vary in prices. Before your license can be given, you must make sure to have a passing grade requirement on the written exam. The state also requires you to send in a blueprint of how you envision your security patches to be inside your company. 

Marketing Your Website and Budgeting  

A crucial part of owning your private security company is knowing how important it is to market, network, have time management, and enough capital to effectively run your business. Several agencies can help provide you with how to market on finding new prospects to fill your security guard positions. Also, researching different resources such as security guard publications, the library, and online websites can be a great help in jump starting with marketing your business. 

Security Guards 

An effective way when hiring for your new company is creating ads to run so you can find the best person for the job. Also, having “open house” or “recruitment events” where potential employees can come in and provide you with a resume or an application and they can be interviewed or hired on the spot! 

Please call us at 1-866-770-0004 or visit our website for additional information. If you are embarking on opening your own private security company, let APS be a help to you! 

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