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Private Security Guard Companies 

A security guard (or officer) is defined as an individual that protects different properties, people, or possessions and hired through private security guard companies. Typically, security officers are privately and officially employed civilian workers that private security guard companies provide to different business for their protection and peace of mind. Some of the duties guards are provided to do is to prevent illegal and dangerous actions from happening, and watching for indicators of criminal activity; such as fire or condition. A security officer also takes action by reporting any situation to emergency services and their clients as they deem proper.

Several private security guard companies and exclusive security departments use the same type of concept. First they detect any unusual activities, they control inappropriate activities through any readily available means. Then, they observe action being performed and then report that action to the proper authorities, which includes local police as well as their clients. Private security guard companies do not require security personnel to arrest anybody that is being reported (and many times, a security guard is not equipped to do so), but they do have the right to act as an agent of the police.

Many states have additional training that is needed for someone to act as a security guard before being hired under private security guard companies sectors. These people are trained to use their equipment and good security guard instincts to observe their surrounding areas properly. Many clients who hire out officers from private security guard companies require additional training for saving of lives, because many times security personnel are the first responders. That’s why it’s vital for emergency medical training is critical to have, as well as basic fire safety, most private security guard companies (not all) offer these trainings to their guards. Any hazardous materials are generally known to the security officers and they can help others in navigating those potentially dangerous situations.

In recent times, due to raised hazards of terrorism, many gatekeepers are required to have emergency crisis and bomb-threat education, specifically those situated near soft target locations such as mall, schools, stadiums, and other locations where people are found in large numbers.

Private security guard companies also allow security workers to carry out access at vehicle gates and building; meaning, they make sure that visitors and staff members show correct passes or recognition prior to getting in the center. Gatekeepers are typically hired to handle small emergency situations (lost individuals, dead car batteries, lockouts, directions, etc.) and help in serious emergency situations by assisting local emergency workers, by documenting what occurred on an event report, and helping to redirect foot traffic to safe locations.

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