Private Security Guards Ensure Vaccination Distribution Centers Remain Secure & Safe

In the coming months, cities throughout California and Arizona will begin receiving COVID-19 vaccines for distribution to the general population. Security guard companies are being asked to ensure vaccination distribution centers remain secure and safe, and those waiting for vaccinations practice proper health protocols.

Exact timing for large distributions of the vaccine to the general public remains unknown across the county, but we’ve already seen distribution sites overwhelmed in states such as Florida. As the number of coronavirus cases and deaths continue to soar, people will become more desperate to be vaccinated, which could cause disruption at vaccine distribution locations. Cities and counties must do all they can to keep these sites secure and running smoothly.

APS guards have been on the frontlines since the pandemic hit in March, administering temperature tests and ensuring the public follow state, county and city COVID-19 regulations. Guards are stationed at hospitals, doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, and at retail and business locations.

Our guards deal with agitated and frustrated individuals every day. It’s our job to make sure the public abides by the health guidelines. If an individual refuses, we do our best to diffuse the situation, and when necessary, escort the individual off the premises and call in law enforcement. We take the security responsibility off of healthcare and retail workers.

Expect to see emotions running high at vaccination sites, especially if there are long waits and limited supply. During the last 10 months of providing COVID-19-related security, we’ve found that it doesn’t take much to push people over the edge.

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