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Reseda Security Guards and Current Crime Maps

Reseda Security Guards
If you do a basic online search for Reseda, CA. on the L.A. Times Crime Map, you may notice quite a bit of crime encircling the town and proving the need for Reseda security guards. You can see recent crimes listed by type, time, and location. At this time, the majority of crime listed is theft… Theft from cars, theft in general, and to actual burglaries and robberies. An interesting fact, as well, is that these thefts occur throughout the day and the night. There are thefts listed at 7:00AM, 7:50AM, 10AM, 5PM, 8:40PM, 10:30PM, and 11:30PM in the Reseda area, along Hart Street, Sherman Way, Saticoy Street, and Corbin, Tampa, and Wilbur Avenue. There are also more serious crimes committed in the area, such as a 1PM burglary, a 3PM robbery, and grand theft auto at 8PM. One would think that these types of crimes would only happen at night, when it is dark out, and no one is around. But the above proves that theft can happen at any time of the day, and in broad daylight.

Best Practices to Avoid Theft from your Car
To avoid theft from your car, it would be ideal not to have any valuable items in your car in the first place. That way there would not be anything for thieves to steal. If you do need to keep valuable items in your car, make sure that they are hidden under a seat, in the glove box, or even under a blanket or article of clothing. If there is not anything actively attracting the attention of a criminal, chances are your car will remain untouched. You also want to make sure that your doors are locked at all times. However, it is relatively easy for thieves to break into cars with minimal tools. Having a security alarm is definitely a way to deter thieves. Many cars have these built in, however, if your vehicle does not have a security system, it is relatively easy (and inexpensive) to add one. Security systems can be purchased online, or in local department stores, for as little at thirty dollars.

Taking Necessary Security Precautions
It is important that you take all of the necessary precautions mentioned above and that you keep a lookout for Reseda Security Guards when you are in the area. It is a good idea when going to dinner or a night out, or just parking at a friend’s for the night, that you are aware if there are Reseda Security Guards in the area and that you stay close to them for safety and security.
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