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The High Cost of Theft

According to the New York Post, shoplifting costs 44 billion dollars in retail losses every year. Entire store locations have been shut down due to their inability to control shoplifting, and while the typical image of a shoplifter is a teen or young adult pocketing a candy bar or stealing a shirt, increasingly, stores are being targeted by organized, professional crime rings, who use both subterfuge and thuggery to steal valuable items. These professional thieves work with complex nationwide networks of fences to move merchandise at a fraction of the retail cost. Shoplifting occurs over 400 million times per year, and some studies estimate that the equivalent of 19,000-25,000 dollars per minute are lost due to theft. In the face of such overwhelming numbers, store operators can feel powerless to stop these crimes, but there is a simple solution.

The Power of In-store Security

A uniformed retail security guard is one of the most powerful tools in a retailer’s arsenal. First it will make your employees feel safer, and help you retain loyal workers by providing a safe workspace. Additionally, just the presence of a retail security guard can cut theft substantially. Beyond that, while uniformed guards will deter casual thieves, another type of retail security guard, a plain clothes detective, can help stop professionals, by patrolling the floor in secret, and keeping an eye on suspicious characters.

Is Security a Good Option for you?

Obviously, your security needs will vary substantially based on the time of year, your store’s location, and other, unpredictable economic factors (shoplifting goes up when the economy goes down), but considering the average retail security guard costs between 15 and 25 dollars an hour, it may be an ideal option. If your store is experiencing even the national average in terms of theft, the deterrent effect of a retail security guard will pay for itself.

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