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Retail Security                                                                                                                                  As the cost of everyday living grows the incidence of retail theft is also increasing. The need for security is at an all-time high and protecting your assets against theft and damage has become vital to your business success. A good retail security guard and an effective alarm system can help prevent that. In today’s economy managing your store’s loss prevention isn’t enough. The effectiveness of traditional loss prevention can be maximized by implementing store business intelligence solutions. Retail security is an asset no business can do without.

Since retail security is geared towards preserving loss assets in a store the elimination of preventable loss and the bulk of preventable loss in retail is caused by deliberate human activity, traditional approaches to retail loss prevention have been through visible security measures matched with technology such as CCTV and electronic sensor barriers. Most companies take this traditional approach by either having their own in house loss prevention team or they use external security agencies. APS has provided the top three leading elements that cause retail theft happens and why companies need retail security. 

* External Theft 

External theft is when customers cause shrink by theft, fraud, or vandalism. A recent study shows that 80% of customers who steal merchandise are opportunists and don’t always walk in the store with the intent to steal. They find something they didn’t expect to find, can’t afford to pay for it, and will steal it if they have the opportunity. While others are desperate and will steal essentials for their family. A few steal because they like the rush, regardless of how much money they have. The remainder are what you call “boosters,” who are thieves for a living. They walk in with the full intent to steal and sell their goods to make money from it. 

* Internal Theft 

Internal theft is when company employees intentionally cause shrink by theft, fraud, vandalism, waste, abuse, or misconduct. The reason why is because associates have access to the building and during non-business hours. They are capable of creating substantial losses to the company over a longer period of time. Internal theft is typically identified by reporting systems, surveillance cameras, or tips from other employees.

* Shrink  

Retail security brings awareness to your business inventory, which contains all of the merchandise in the store. Items that are unaccounted for compared to what the inventory system believes the store should have are losses or “shrink”. Shrink is caused by operational errors, internal theft and external theft. Retail Security is responsible for identifying these causes and following up with training, preventing, and preventing them from happening.

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