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Great deals and lots of merchandise attract holiday shoppers to stores and malls between now and the end of the year. This time of year also appeals to shoplifters and organized retail theft rings. While state and local police and governments are trying to curb retail theft, it is ultimately up to store owners to take steps to stop the stealing. One way is to enlist the services of retail security guards for the holidays.

Retail Shrinkage.  Most retailers seem resigned that retail crime will be part of the holidays. The National Retail Federation reported that 56 percent of small business retailers expected their business to be affected by theft during the holidays. The amount of financial loss is significant—70 percent said they lose between $500 and $2,500 a month by theft.

Retail security guards for the holidays are available for service during store hours, after hours or around the clock. They typically are stationed by store entrances, near desirable merchandise and at checkout counters. If allowed by store policy, when they see an attempted theft in progress, the guards will detain the would-be thief and contact the police. Once word gets out that shoplifters will be arrested at a particular store, odds are, thieves will move on to another target.

Access Patrol Services is a bonded and experienced security guard company that provides retail security in California and Arizona—security guards and 24/7 video surveillance.  All security guards are licensed and can be armed or unarmed.

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