Safeguarding Priceless Works of Art and Historical Artifacts

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Safeguarding Priceless Works of Art and Historical Artifacts

Museum guards are in the unique position of not only providing safety and protection to museum guests and staff, but also to paintings and displays sometimes worth millions of dollars.

Museum Security Guard Duties. Museum security guards wear many hats. Depending on the museum and its contents, they could be stationed at entry points to screen patrons as they enter the museum, help patrons with directions to an exhibit or stand guard next to priceless works of art.

In Case of Emergencies. By establishing a positive rapport with guests, museum security guards are able to take command and guide patrons to safety when emergencies such as fires, earthquakes or man-made disasters occur

Keeping An Eye On Patrons’ Behavior. Visitors who come to museums are often thrilled at the idea of seeing a multi-million-dollar paintings, artifacts from an Egyptian tomb, equipment that travelled to the moon or any number of items not seen anywhere else. Some get too close to, even touching items regardless of warning signs saying not to. Security guards are ready to keep guests (especially children) a safe distance from displays. Museums also seem to attract their fair share of those with malicious intent ready to do damage. Guards can subdue the perpetrator until police arrive.

Guest Relations. Museums are often big, confusing places. They can be especially intimidating to first-time visitors. That’s where security guards can help. People-friendly security guards can be ready to answer all kinds of questions ranging from the location of a particular painting or exhibition, to which floor the cafeteria is located. Knowledge by security guards about the contents of the museum goes a long way to enhance the guest experience.

Monitoring Surveillance Systems. Large museum heists make news, but smaller thefts are routinely attempted. Besides its physical presence to act as a deterrent, the museum security team should monitor surveillance camera feeds in real time to immediately spot illegal activity.

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