News reports of San Francisco area In-N-Out fast-food restaurants closing their indoor dining because management is unwilling to have employees ask customers for proof of vaccination shows the need for security guards to take on the responsibility.

Security Duties. As more cities and counties require proof of vaccination before entering restaurants and other indoor public spaces, business owners are faced with a tough question. Should they ask their employees to police who is coming into their establishment? Many, like In-N-Out, are saying no. Their employees are simply not trained to act as security guards.

Hiring Security Guards To Do The Job. An In-N-Out may be able to take the economic hit after closing its indoor dining, but most small restaurants can’t afford to close a portion of their restaurant. A solution for businesses both large and small is to consider hiring security guards to check customer vaccination status.

That way, employees can continue focusing on the job they were hired to do. Seeing a security guard at the entrance will make those without proper documentation think twice before trying to enter. And, if a problem arises with a patron, the trained security guard can take appropriate action.

Vaccination mandates take effect in Los Angeles in a few weeks. It’s best to have guards ready to go as soon as regulations begin. Failing to follow vaccination verification procedures can result in ongoing fines to businesses amounting to hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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