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Learn Why Certain Security Guards Wear a Metal Security Badge

Security Guards May Wear a Security Badge If They Choose To Do So

There are different uniforms, badges, and standards depending on whether you are a working as security guard or a law enforcement agent. Security guards are not required to wear a metal badge, only a state approved uniform. However, most security companies will allow security guards to wear a metal badge as an accessory if they choose to. There are hundreds of different types of badges out there, in all types of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they list your title, such as: Officer, Security Officer, Security Guard, Executive Security, Chief Security Protection Service, Private Security Officer, Security Enforcement Officer, Security Special Officer, and more. Badges may even be purchased on EBay or Pinterest, and there are a variety of websites that offer custom-made badges online. As long as the badge is not misleading, security guard companies should not have a problem with their employees wearing one. 

Wearing a Security Badge May Help Keep an Undercover Detective Safe

It may be a good idea for undercover detectives or plain clothed security guards to wear a security badge underneath their clothes. Obviously they do not want to flaunt that they are working undercover, but if something happens, or law enforcement officers arrive on the scene, they will have to be able to quickly show their proof of employment. 

Security Companies May Model Their Security Badge After Law Enforcement Agents

A lot of security companies deliberately model their security badge, or security patch, after those of law enforcement agencies to give their security guards a more forceful look and feel. They may be walking a thin line in doing so, because it is important that security guards are not mistaken for law enforcement officers. The badge/patch does need to be approved by the State, however, so as long as they have been approve (even if similar) security guards should be able to visibly display them on their uniform day to day without fear of being mistaken for a law enforcement agent. 

The most important factor regarding Security Badges and/or patches is that it specifies that the person is a security guard or private sector guard so they are not confused with being an actual law enforcement agent. This is the only legal requirement from the State. If you would like to learn more about the regulations and requirements for wearing a security badge, please visit Security Badges or contact a APS representative at 1-866-770-0004.

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