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Meaning behind the Different Types of Security Badges

People may often wonder the meaning behind security badges, and why they come in so many different colors, shapes, and sizes. If you do an online image search of security badges, you may come across of dozens of images… Maybe even hundreds. The most important factor regarding security badges is that it specifies that the person is a security guard or private sector guard and they are not confused with being an actual law enforcement agent. Badge titles may include different positions such as Security Officer, Security Guard, Security Enforcement Officer, Chief Security Protection Service, Security Special Officer, Private Security Officer, Officer, Executive Security, etc. 

Choosing whether or Not to Wear a Security Badge

The choice of whether to wear a metal security badge is usually the decision of the guard themselves. Security badges for security guards are really a matter of preference and are rarely required by the security company itself. (The only legal requirement is that security guards identify their company and sector on their uniform.) It is mostly looked upon as an accessory to their uniform, almost a piece of jewelry, in a sense. For those who wish to wear security badges, since it has been chosen on their own free will, they can wear it in a few different places, depending on preference. Standard placement is on the left chest, but it can also be worn on a lanyard or on the front of a belt buckle.  

Uniform Requirements for Security Guards

For standard security guards, who are private sector and not law enforcement agents, the most important part of their uniform is the uniform itself, not any added garnish. Uniforms must be approved by the State; specifically the patches. Patches must include the company name and that they are a Private Sector Guard, and are prominently placed on the front left chest area of the uniform. Additional patches may be placed on other areas of the uniform to ensure visibility, such as the top of the sleeves. The APS uniform includes a red polo shirt (with three closed buttons) and has patches on the front, and both sleeves. If a guard were to cover his patches, specifically the one in the front, they would be in violation of their uniform. They are not allowed to wear anything over the uniform except for the approved APS jacket, which also has visible patches. 

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