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Passing the Security Guard Exam

The Security Guard Exam

The security guard exam is a big deal. It’s the one thing separating you from your guard card, and a career in private security. Unfortunately, for a lot of otherwise excellent candidates, it is the biggest stumbling block they will face. This guide will offer you 3 quick and easy tips to pass the exam, and kick start your career.

  1. Make Time to Study

Studying isn’t fun, but when it’s the night before the test and you’re hyped up on energy drinks and god knows what else, you’ll regret not followed this simple tip: Set an hour aside every day to review your course materials. Not only have studies show that it is more effective than cramming the night before, but lack of sleep is one the main reasons why students fail tests.

  1. Keep Focused by Remembering What’s at Stake.

This isn’t for a grade, or a meaningless certificate. This test is the only thing standing between you and a career in an industry that the US Department of Labor reports will experience significant growth over the next decade. It can be easy to get distracted or want to put off studying, so when you’re tempted just follow this tip: Remember that working hard today is giving a gift to yourself in the future. Be generous. By focusing on the prize, you will find the motivation to ignore your distractions, keep focused, and ultimately, pass the security guard exam.

  1. Use Practice Tests

The internet abounds with practice tests. Make part of your study regimen to take these regularly. Not only will it give you a tangible feeling for how you’re doing, but it will also give you milestones, so that you can see yourself improving. With every score improvement on the practice tests, you’ll know that you are another step closer to passing the security guard exam.

Ultimately, it’s going to come down to knowing the material. The only way to know the material is to study. If you follow these three tips, you will come out on top. If you neglect your studies, you will fail. 

Once you’ve passed the security guard exam, if you’re looking for employment as a guard, consider giving APS a call at 1-866-770-0004, or visiting us online at An exciting career in security awaits.

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