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Understanding the Security Guard Officer  

When hiring a security guard officer it is important to completely understand their specific job description, what type of services they can offer, and whether they work for a private or public company. APS is a private company, which means that we offer a range of security services to various corporations, events, and for personal protection. (Public companies are employed by the government and its agencies, and offer security to the public at large and include law enforcement personnel.) The number one objective of APS’s security officers is to protect people and their property, and to maintain a safe and secure environment. 

Responsibilities of a Security Guard Officer 

When working as a security guard officer it is important to completely understand your responsibilities, what qualifications are ideal in a security officer, and the accountability that comes with this position. There are many important factors when considering security officer responsibilities, and APS takes these responsibilities and your safety very seriously. Most importantly, the number one responsibility of our security officers is to ensure that the people and property we are responsible for are protected, and to maintain a safe and secure environment. Security guard officer responsibilities can include:

* Providing armed or unarmed protection for specific organizations  

* Securing premises and personnel by patrolling the property

* Looking for irregularities and reporting incidents or problems  

* Checking doors, gates, and windows for signs of unauthorized entry

* Monitoring surveillance equipment

* Inspecting buildings, equipment, and entrance points

* Informing violators of policy and procedures, and detaining when appropriate 

* Controlling traffic by directing drivers

* Responding to alarms and ensuring that the alarm systems work properly

Different Types of Security Guard Officers and Job Locations

The actual security guard officer job description can vary quite a bit, depending on the type of security guard they are, whether they are armed or unarmed, and whether they are protecting personnel or property. APS offers several different types of security officers including personal protection, corporate security guard, event security guard, temporary security guards, etc.  Work locations can vary quite a bit as well. APS Security officers may be hired to work at businesses such as schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, shopping centers, casinos, concert/sports venues, airports, train stations, etc. Security officers may also be hired on a personal level, or smaller scale, and provide one-on-one personal protection, or work surveillance at parties, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and other special events. In addition, security officers can be stationed at desks or in gatehouses, and others may patrol in vehicles, on foot, or even on a horse. 

APS ensures that our Security Guard Officers understand their responsibilities and provide you, your organization, and/or your property the best service available so you feel safe and secure anytime you utilize our services. You never know when the need for security will arise, however, it is important to understand the security officer description to ensure you have the right type of security officer, in the right place at the right time. Please visit Security Officer Description or Security Officer Responsibilities for additional information.

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