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Why Attending Security Guard School Could Be Beneficial

The Need for a Security Guard School
A security guard school has been dedicated since the beginning of time to promoting proactive strategies to improve the safety of patrons by training officers to protect through all aspects of danger. Our drive to make a difference and continue to lead the evolution in active shooter response education is at the core of what makes our solutions so effective. At the ALICE Training Institute, we’re always working to create new stories of improvement. From teachers and administrators to students and parents, we teach skills that improve your chances of survival anywhere you go in life.
The threat of an active shooter attack is becoming more real every day. A security guard schoolaims to eradicate the “It can’t happen to me” mentality and change the way people in schools, universities, businesses, hospitals and places of worship respond to armed intruders by training officers properly. By training as many security guards as possible, we are ensuring a safer world.

Security Guard School Training Programs
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that most security guard employers provide newly hired security guards with job training ( Nevertheless, since most states require security guards to be licensed, formal training programs through a security guard school has become a standard method of training. Each state has different requirements for the amount and type of training needed, so professionals working in various states may have to go through several training programs.
A security guard school provides training programs that must be completed during the first 100 days on the job, though this requirement varies by state. Topics covered during the training programs include basic security techniques, investigations, report writing, patrolling tactics, firearm use and emergency procedures. Workers specializing in particular types of security management, such as private, airport, armored car or armed escort, may need to take additional courses to learn the necessary skills for these specialty security professions.
Since most states require security guards to renew licensure or certification, workers often have to participate in a security guard class as a form of continued education required for the renewal process. Some states may have pre-structured classes from a security guard school for the license renewal process, but other states may allow security guards to choose individual classes from an approved list of coursework. These refresher classes typically focus on either armed or unarmed security guard training.

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