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Security Guards at Marijuana Dispensaries

Since California made recreational marijuana legal, over 350 licensed recreational marijuana stores have opened in the state—with more on the way. The nature of the product presents unique security issues.

A Security Guard Presence.  Security guards at marijuana dispensaries are a necessity. Because of federal laws, transactions are cash-only meaning dispensaries must have a significant amount of money on hand during business hours. This makes the dispensaries a tempting target for thieves who not only see the resale value in the store’s inventory, but the store as an easy target to grab large amounts of untraceable cash.

Post a security guard at the dispensary entry. The guards should be friendly (not intimidating to scare away patrons) yet ready to respond when necessary.

A guard should also assist whenever inventory is delivered, escorting the delivery person and product into the store.

Preventing Employee Theft. Since marijuana is in such demand on the black market, a dishonest employee may attempt to steal inventory for immediate resale. Follow strict employee screening guidelines with background checks. Drug screening is also a must to rule out illegal substances. Tight inventory controls should be put in place including locking up products in secure cabinets or safes during off hours. Only store management should have access.

Security Cameras. Mount security cameras prominently inside and outside the store. Have your security team monitor feeds continuously to quickly spot illegal activity.

Many residents and businesses already have reservations about dispensaries in their community. By implementing substantial security measures, you’ll not only be a good neighbor, but your store and its contents will be safe and secure.

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