Security Guards Offer Protection During Unsettling Times

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These are unsettling and unpredictable times. Under normal circumstances, businesses can prepare for the likely scenarios that require a security response. In today’s world, vandalism and unruly crowds can materialize quickly as seen in metro areas throughout California. Retail stores and other businesses are vulnerable. To ensure the safety and security of property and people, businesses are hiring security guards for protection.

Temporary Security Safeguards. Until life returns to a more normal routine, retaining temporary security guards to prevent busted windows, vandalism and looting can make sense. Storefronts are being boarded up in anticipation of violence, but criminals intent on destruction won’t let that stop them.

A storefront without a guard presence means thieves can enter and leave with little worry of being caught. A uniformed guard or guards at the store or business entrance, however, will stop most criminals in their tracks.

Security cameras, while useful in catching criminals after a crime is committed, do little to prevent a crime in progress. This is especially true when the camera feeds are not monored continuously. Access Patrol Services (APS) employs guards with the experience to deal with aggressive gangs and criminals. They are trained to calm emotions and deescalate volatile situations while remaining professional and respectful to others at all times.

By adding onsite security that is clearly visible, illegal acts to a business by individuals or large groups can be greatly reduced.

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