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Security License Requirements

Security License Requirements
There are different security license requirements for armed and unarmed guards. Requirements can also vary, depending on the city, state, or country you are living in. The state of California has very strict guidelines that have been approved by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). APS ensures that all of our guards have completed the first eight hour training class ‘Power to Arrest’ and passed the exam, passed a background check, and submitted to a fingerprint Live Scan online or at an approved site. In addition, all of our guards are following the necessary security license requirements to obtain their guard card and keep it active.

Timeframe for Completing Your Security License Training
It is interesting to know that officers can start working as soon as they have completed that first class and have BSIS approval, (Their name will be listed on the website as approved.) but there is a specific timeframe that each class needs to be completed in. If the guard does not meet the security license requirements in a timely manner, their guard card will be revoked. The second eight hour training class, ‘Armed Security Guard License,’ which covers public relations and observation and documentation, must be completed within the first 30 days. The third eight hour class, which covers communications and legal/liability aspects, must be completed within the first six months. So basically guards have six months to complete all their basic training and to keep their license in good standing.

Keeping Guard Cards Active
Guards have completed all of their training needed to become an unarmed security guard once they reach 40 hours. However, if they want to become an armed guard (which offers higher pay and more opportunities for career advancement) they must complete an additional 14 hours. It is good to know that the firearms qualifications card expires every two years. Also, applicants for firearm qualification must requalify four times during that time period, and they cannot reapply more than once in a four month time period. They are supposed to apply twice in the first year and twice in the second. Having this as one of the security license requirements is a great idea because it ensures our safety since they are constantly being tested (on both knowledge and background) and having their fingerprints checked with the Live Scan.

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