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Do You Have What It Takes to Start a Business?  

Have you ever thought that you wanted to start a business of your own? Have you wanted to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and make sure that things get done the way that you want them to, when you want them to? Do you have great organizational and management skills and excel in interpersonal communications? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may have what it takes to become an entrepreneurs. Once you have made the decision, it is time to start working on a business plan to lay out all the details of your new business, your goals, (both big and small) and the steps that you need to achieve them. 

Deciding What You are Most Interested in When You Want to Start a Business

If you would like to start a business, you need to decide what type of business you are interested in, and if you want to do it alone as a sole proprietorship or corporation, or if you have a partner in mind to create a partnership. It is good to know that no matter what you decide when you are first starting out, you will be able to change it if needed down the road. If you are considering including another person, or persons, you definitely want to take legal action, have all documents notarized, or have a lawyer put together the documents for you. All parties involved must fully understand the documents and sign them. 

Security Related Business Opportunity 

The most important aspect is to determine what type of business you want to start, and in what industry. Sky is the limit as far as choices are considered. If you are on the APS website right now, you most likely have an interest in security, security guards, and/or the safety and protection of the general public. If that is the case, you may want to start a business that is related to the security industry. Initial cost and set up is low, depending on whether you have already gone through the security guard training, passed the background check, received your security license, and have related work experience. *You need at least 12 months related work experience to obtain a private patrol operators license. 

However, if you would rather join an already established company, instead of building from the ground up, APS has franchise opportunities available. If you would like to further discuss the possibility, call our office now at 1-866-770-0004 or visit

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