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Torrance Residents Value Security

Torrance, a city less famous than its sisters in the Santa Monica bay, is known for its lovely beaches, high population of Japanese speakers, and consistently high safety ratings among cities in the LA metro area. Torrance community leaders have made every effort to keep their community low key and safe for those who dwell there.
How have they managed such exemplary success? The answer is simple: Torrance values security. They pay their police officers well, and make sure that major events always have private security on staff. APS, as the fastest growing provider of security professionals in Southern California, is proud to be part of this amazing community’s legacy of safety.

APS is Uniquely Situated to Serve Torrance
APS is uniquely situated to serve the people of Torrance, thanks to our unique, local-first hiring practices. APS serves the entire LA area, but makes every effort to assign guards to the communities in which they live. This has two powerful effects. First, our guards are committed to their jobs by more than just a paycheck. For many who are protecting the businesses and events in their hometowns, providing excellent security services is a matter of civic pride. Second, our guards are able to use their local knowledge to better deter and deal with threats. Every community has unique customs, expectations and hierarchies, no matter how small, and having informed local professionals gives APS the ability to deal with threats and obstacles in a manner that meshes with the desires of the community.

APS Is Ready to Serve 24/7
APS is ready to serve 24/7. Literally. Of course, our guards work around the clock, but we also always have dispatchers ready to assist you with your security needs. We’re customer focused, which is the reason why we’ve simplified the ordering process, allowing us to fill orders, no matter the time. Additional, because of these innovations, we are able to have guards at your door in as little as two hours.
If you’re a Torrance local, and you’re looking for security professionals for your home, business or event, then give APS a call today or contact us on online order form. Our experienced dispatchers will be able to walk you through the pricing and security options, so you can decide how best to protect your interests.

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