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What Unarmed Security Guard Companies Can Offer You

Unarmed Security Guard Companies 

The need for security guard personnel is at an all-time high due to the recent times of catastrophic events. Security guards, also known as security officers, fulfill a vital role in many situations. They patrol and examine businesses and homes to protect against theft, fire, terrorism, vandalism, and other unlawful activity. They are detailed as they write comprehensive reports describing their observations and activities throughout their appointed shift.

Unarmed security guard companies hire security guards who generally carry out a bunch of different tasks. However, specific tasks differ based upon whether the guard is stationed at a ‘static’ security position or on a mobile patrol. Mobile guards tend to walk/drive the premises while those appointed to static security positions typically serve the customer at one location for a defined length of time. This would include security guards positioned at building entrances or in a centralized monitoring station.

The security personnel’s job responsibilities also differ with the location, type and size of company that they are assigned to. In hospitals, office buildings and banks, trained guards safeguard the institutions’ customers, personnel and property. In a retail store environment, security personnel protect property, equipment, products, records and employees. They typically work with undercover store detectives to prevent theft by employees or consumers, and they help nail shoplifting suspects prior to the arrival of the police. Many theaters and shopping centers have officers who patrol their parking area to deter burglaries and car thefts. There are lots of other responsibilities for security guards offer under unarmed security guard companies.

Unarmed Security Guard Companies Job Overview 

Unarmed security guard companies are responsible for hiring officer that guard and patrol areas in which violent crime is rare. They prevent unauthorized access to stores, sporting events or restricted areas. Security guards often have the duty to:

* Respond to fires and medical emergencies.

* Monitor security systems and scanners.

* Protect properties and patrons from theft, vandalism and violence.

* Patrol properties or guarding gate entrances.

* File incident reports.

Unarmed security guard companies need to be able to have a guard that can deter people from entering unauthorized areas and do not have access to weapons. They must maintain a strong, confident appearance. Many officers will interact with customers and members of the public, so unarmed security guards companies are often hire officers that possess good customer service skills.

Unarmed Security Guard Companies Education and Requirements 

An unarmed security guard companies typically needs to have their officers possess a high school diploma or the equivalent in order to obtain employment. They also generally need to be able to pass a background check and undergo criminal history investigations as well. Some companies may require guards to show proof of a clean driving record. Most positions will involve on-the-job training rather than require formal training or certification from an outside program.

Unarmed Security Guard Companies Job Salary 

Statistics show that the median annual salary for security guards was just over $24,000 in 2012. Salaries for security guards vary by industry; local government agencies, for instance, pay their security officers around $31,590 a year while bars pay an average annual salary of $24,630.

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