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Why Unarmed Security Guard Companies Are Worth It
Unarmed security guard companies provide an extraordinary service to both our clients and to local law enforcement. With virtually all police forces strapped for resources, a large amount of preventative measures have had to be abandoned. Victims of crimes turn to police, who are forced to solve pre-existing problems instead of being able to prevent them from happening in the first place. Prevention is one of the very best services that armed or unarmed security guard companies are able to offer. APS® can provide security above and beyond what law enforcement is able to.

Unarmed Security Guard Companies Help
It’s APS’s pleasure as one of your local unarmed security guard companies to take care of the security needs of our clients; we love to help keep them safe. A large part of that, and a massive part of why people utilize the services of unarmed security guard companies, is to deter crime from happening. We guard businesses and provide equipment watch services at construction sites, largely at night, and the mere presence of an alert and well-trained professional around a site’s perimeter is usually worth what our client’s pay for our services.

Once a theft or other petty crime occurs, work is very adversely affected. Even if it is a minor incident, time and money are lost. The headaches that common criminals cause are generally averted when an “easy” steal is being watched over by someone from unarmed security guard companies.

Unarmed Security Guard Companies Serve
Another of the duties of unarmed security guard companies is to enhance a client’s overall experience. Whether unarmed security guard companies are there providing guards for:
-art museums or gallery openings
-event guard services
-industrial builds
-film shoots
or any of a massive number of other services, a very big part of our job is customer service.

We are trained customer service experts, and APS’s commitment to helping and guiding customers while ensuring their safety is widely considered the best in the industry of unarmed security guard companies. If you’ve ever had a private security guard open a door for you and wish you a nice afternoon, you’ve experienced just a little of the excellent customer service unarmed security guard companies are proud to provide.

Unarmed Security Guard Companies Protect
Finally, as one of the top unarmed security guard companies in the western United States, it is APS’s duty and pleasure to protect. Whether armed or unarmed, in or out of uniform, and no matter where our clients’ needs take us, we as security guards are tasked with protecting people. Anyone who comes to APS is required to have at least a year’s worth of security experience, and a number of professional licenses. On top of that, a large percentage of our guards come from military and law enforcement backgrounds. Our team protects you because they have experience protecting others.

To get protection from the one of the best unarmed security guard companies in the world, reach out today! APS is dedicated to providing the highest level of security for the fairest possible cost. We are committed to offering our clients superior service and added value through our talented and experienced staff. We operate based on integrity and excellence — this is our philosophy. To book a guard, please click online order form or call us now, toll free at 1-866-770-0004.

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